For the last few years, we’ve seen the infomercials on the allegedly incredible Nutribullet. I thought I would check it out for myself, and see how it’s any different than a standard blender. My friend drives a limousine for Bloomington Limo, and swears that the Nutribullet is the best kitchen accessory he’s had in years. Okay, I said, I’ll check into it, since I’ve been Mr. Smoothie to my friends for some time now.

What’s a Nutribullet?

The Nutribullet is a high-end blender that is designed to be both great looking and high performance. It features powerful blades for both blending and grinding, and also comes with lidded cups that have removable handles – this means that you can store them easily, clean them between uses without hassle, and take them with you if you want to drink smoothies on the go.

The blender is robust and compact, and it’s pretty reliable and durable too. Unfortunately, because it’s so powerful it can be a bit noisy in use. Also, the blades aren’t dishwasher safe – you’ll have to clean them by hand, and unlike many other blender models you can’t use this for hot liquids. With that said, it would be no hardship to have this as your blender for smoothies and shakes, then another for colder stuff.

The nutribullet has a modest capacity – 680mil, and it comes with two short cups and one bigger cup, and two lids. The motor is 600W, but feels a lot stronger, and the blender has a milling blade as well as an extractor blade. They actually have a 900W version, which seems a little overkill based on how strong the 600 is.

It’s a powerful device, and it is quite affordably priced for what it can do. It’s based on the bigger ‘Magic Bullet’ blender, but is designed to be smaller and to be used for fruit, seeds and vegetables – the idea behind this particular blender is that it will promote healthy eating, and also help people to get more nutrients out of their food – blending helps to release nutrients in a way that chewing alone will not, so if you blend some of your more wholesome foods you’ll end up with a diet that is more nutritionally sound for the calories that you are taking in. There are even some recipes on their app to help you with that.