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Outdoor Activities and Benefiting From Acai Berry

There are a tremendous amount of health benefits to acai berries. These berries offer incredible nutritional value that can be used to better your overall health. Below, we will be going over some of the top health benefits of these berries.

Health Benefits Of Acai Berries:

1. Heart Health.

This is one of the biggest benefits of eating berries like these. Much like red wine, research has shown and proven that these berries are very high in a type of antioxidant that makes them very good for controlling cholesterol levels. They also happen to be very rich in various plant sterols which prove to provide a lot of cardio protective benefits that will support everything from improved blood circulation to improved overall blood composition as well.

2. Speed Up Weight Loss.

Another benefit that you are going to get from this kind of berry is the ability to speed up weight loss. Because acai berries are a known superfood, you will be able to eat them to really help maintain a healthy weight. Studies have shown that these berries have the ability to help reduce fat deposits in those that consume them.

3. Help With Digestion.

Another common benefit that can be experienced when eating these berries is improved digestion. Because they contain a lot of dietary fiber, they are a great source of fiber to get into your diet in order to improve the way that your digestive system is able to fully digest food. One way to help speed this along is to walk, hike, jog, bike, or participate in other outdoor ideas. Getting the blood moving is a great way to get the fiber throughout your bloodstream for maximum benefit.

Overall, there are a variety of benefits associated with this kind of berry. By taking this berry either in whole form or by way of supplements, you should be able to experience the many benefits associated with taking them. They are a superfood that you should consider getting into your diet.

Review: Nutribullet 600W – the best blender ever?

For the last few years, we’ve seen the infomercials on the allegedly incredible Nutribullet. I thought I would check it out for myself, and see how it’s any different than a standard blender. My friend drives a limousine for Bloomington Limo, and swears that the Nutribullet is the best kitchen accessory he’s had in years. Okay, I said, I’ll check into it, since I’ve been Mr. Smoothie to my friends for some time now.

What’s a Nutribullet?

The Nutribullet is a high-end blender that is designed to be both great looking and high performance. It features powerful blades for both blending and grinding, and also comes with lidded cups that have removable handles – this means that you can store them easily, clean them between uses without hassle, and take them with you if you want to drink smoothies on the go.

The blender is robust and compact, and it’s pretty reliable and durable too. Unfortunately, because it’s so powerful it can be a bit noisy in use. Also, the blades aren’t dishwasher safe – you’ll have to clean them by hand, and unlike many other blender models you can’t use this for hot liquids. With that said, it would be no hardship to have this as your blender for smoothies and shakes, then another for colder stuff.

The nutribullet has a modest capacity – 680mil, and it comes with two short cups and one bigger cup, and two lids. The motor is 600W, but feels a lot stronger, and the blender has a milling blade as well as an extractor blade. They actually have a 900W version, which seems a little overkill based on how strong the 600 is.

It’s a powerful device, and it is quite affordably priced for what it can do. It’s based on the bigger ‘Magic Bullet’ blender, but is designed to be smaller and to be used for fruit, seeds and vegetables – the idea behind this particular blender is that it will promote healthy eating, and also help people to get more nutrients out of their food – blending helps to release nutrients in a way that chewing alone will not, so if you blend some of your more wholesome foods you’ll end up with a diet that is more nutritionally sound for the calories that you are taking in. There are even some recipes on their app to help you with that.

Quick and Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are delicious, healthy and easy-to-make drinks. It will not take a lot of time for you to prepare a good smoothie for breakfast or snack. Smoothies are rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins which are required for normal body functioning. Here, we want to share a few good smoothie recipes with you. Let’s get you looking like a star coming out of a limo – healthy, glowing, and ready to seize the day.

Creamsicle Breakfast Smoothie
In order to prepare this smoothie you will need the following ingredients: frozen orange juice concentrate (3 table spoons), frozen or fresh mango chunks (1 cup), nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt (1 cup), cold pure coconut water (1 cup) and ice (2 cups).

When all ingredients are ready, begin to prepare your smoothie. First of all, you need to pour your coconut water in a blender (but don’t add sugar to the water). Then add orange juice concentrate, ice, mango and yogurt to a blender. Blend all ingredients properly until they are smooth. Your smoothie is ready – enjoy drinking it!

Good Green Tea Smoothie
In order to prepare this smoothie you will need the following ingredients: honey (2 teaspoons), frozen white grapes (3 cups), baby spinach (2 cups), green tea (1 1/2 cups) and 1 avocado of medium size.

When all ingredients are ready it is time to prepare your smoothie. Keep in mind that green tea has to be strong brewed and cooled. You shouldn’t steep green tea for more than 3 minutes – otherwise the tea will have a bitter taste. Put all ingredients into a blender and mix them properly. Serve the drink immediately. (more…)

Top Foods to Help You Lose Weight

Healthy eating is very important for weight loss. If you are trying to get rid of excess pounds then you need to eat foods that promote weight loss. In this guide you will find the list of top foods which will definitely help you with losing weight.

People who want to get rid of excess weight should definitely eat apples. Apples are a low calorie fruit. Moreover, it is very important to eat whole fruits instead drinking apple juice. Raw fruit has high amount of fiber. So, you will feel “full” much more quickly.

Avocado Oil
It makes sense to add avocado oil to healthy salads. People who consume up to 3 tablespoons of avocado every day can burn up to 2% of their belly fat during a month. So, you can lose up to 20% of a belly during a year.

People who are trying to lose weight should eat foods that contain high amounts of protein. Beans are considered to be a powerful source of protein. Beans also contain high amounts of fiber. After eating beans you will feel full quickly. This will help you avoid overeating that results in weight gain.

Dark Chocolate
Do you like milk chocolate? Then we highly recommend that you replace it with dark chocolate. It is enough for you to eat a square of dark chocolate to feel full. As a result, you will eat much less food. (more…)

Healthy Foods to Help You Boost Your Immune System

Do you want to get rid of various illnesses and diseases in your life? The best way to ward off sicknesses is to boost your immune system. We want to provide you with tips on healthy foods that you should eat to strengthen your immune system naturally.

Zinc is a very important element in people’s health. It plays a key role in the development of white blood cells and effectively protects any organism (like, your body) from bacteria and viruses. Beef is rich in zinc. So, if you eat beef on a regular basis you will manage to avoid zinc deficiency.

Chicken Soup
When chicken is cooked it releases the amino acid cysteine. It is the key element ofbronchitis drug, acetylcysteine. It makes sense to add onion, garlic and spices to a chicken soup as well. This will help you increase the immune-boosting power of your chicken soup.

Coconuts and coconut oil help people improve metabolism. This product is also known for its immune system power. However, it is better to select organic products which areunbleached and unrefined. It is necessary to ensure that products don’t contain chemicals and are made without heat processing. (more…)

Top Foods to Give You Energy

Do you often feel tired, have a bad mood, or even nervous during the day? Is it difficult for you to wake up in the morning? This means that you need to get more energy! A cup of coffee will help you wake up and will give you some energy, but you will be even more tired once that caffeine boost has faded. The best way to get more natural energy is to correct your nutrition plan instead of drinking too much coffee. Here, we will tell you about foods which will help you boost your energy in a natural way. These foods will have a positive influence on your mood and will improve your productivity significantly.

Almonds are a powerful source of Magnesium and Vitamin E. Almonds are rich in protein as well. Eat almonds for snack to boost your energy. Almonds will definitely provide you with energy that you need during the day.

Brown Rice
It is a good idea to eat brown rice either for lunch or for dinner several times a week. This product contains high amount of manganese. So, if you eat brown rice you will manage to maintain high energy level during a day. Manganese is also useful for a healthy nervous system. (more…)

Let’s get healthy!

Welcome to my blog, Top 3 Acai Berry. I’m excited to write about healthy foods, drinks, and lifestyle upgrades for living a healthy and fulfilling life. We cannot expect to live well without our health, and in coming articles I intend to empower you with ways to get the most out of life! Stay tuned, and thanks for stopping by!

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